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Bridal Accessories in Special Day

Almost every young girl has looked through family wedding albums and realizes the look on that special day will last for generations in treasured family pictures. They think out every detail of their own wedding and want it flawless. But filling every bride's image of the perfect wedding day takes options.

Options are how you build your business into the "go-to" bridal accessory shop-but options in what? First comes the gown, veil, and shoes, but after that all the bridal accessories that build the ideal wedding. The key bridal accessories here are wedding day jewelry, bridesmaid jewelry, tiaras, bridal gloves, and evening bags.

In wedding day jewelry, both faux pearl and rhinestone are popular choices of today's brides because they are elegant and affordable. After all, most brides want it very special, but they are working within a budget. Wholesale bridal jewelry in faux pearls carries price tags usually under $10.00 and they provide the utmost in elegance. Both white and ivory are available for matching the gown color. Delicate designs are the preferred look, but today's jewelry is getting a little more dramatic so a nice selection in white and ivory from delicate to mid-size provides brides with options and a bridal shop can stock 40 designs for under $350.00.

The other popular choice for wedding day jewelry is rhinestone and delicate rhinestone jewelry is again the most popular. It's not only dainty and elegant, but it's also very affordable. Nothing beats delicate designs using clear rhinestones in silver plated settings. But that's not the entire market, so again we need choices. Gold plating adds to the dimension of your selection as well as rhinestone jewelry that makes a more dramatic statement without sacrificing elegance. A selection of 50 rhinestone sets for a bridal shop is under $500. While everything else in the last few decades has gone up, the cost of wholesale rhinestone jewelry has gone down.

Next comes bridesmaid jewelry. Rhinestone or crystal jewelry is good here because they have color options to match bridesmaid dresses. This is often multiple sales because of the number of bridesmaids. Multiple sets in multiple colors-sounds expensive, right? Cut costs here by leaning on your wholesaler. Show variety in styles and colors using one each. Then order from your wholesaler when you need six or eight in a style and color. It is safe to always get a back-up choice from the bridal party in case an item is out of stock. Any single sets that remain are excellent for matching prom dresses in the spring.

Now for the necessary bridal accessory that is all over the pages of bridal magazines-tiaras. Here you begin to make serious separation from competition. This important bridal accessory finds unbelievable low selection in many bridal shops, yet it is everything but an absolute necessity. Most popular are tiaras with a low profile in clear rhinestones and silver plated settings. Mix in some faux pearl and you have an equally popular look in bridal tiaras. Rhinestone tiaras in gold plating provide another good option. Headpieces in faux pearl are also important and really take on elegance with a veil. A selection of 50 tiaras will make you the king in most communities and can include some extraordinary designs for around $700.

Finally another item that is woefully lacking in selection-evening bags. Shop around your community like a bride will and see if you can find a nice selection of evening bags in different styles and colors. Chances are you won't. What a niche you have here! First include some white and ivory for the bride. Next you need color because evening bags are not only used by the bridesmaids, but have become a popular bridesmaid gift. Stock 50 evening bags in colors and styles and you probably have no competition. One each is enough because we go back to the lean on your wholesaler theory to fill multiples for bridesmaid bags. What kind on money are we talking about-around $500 and you will have a superb selection.

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